Advocare Supplements are Safe

Why are Advocare Supplements Safe?

Advocare Supplements Are Safe!  They are safe for the average person as well as the Olympic athlete.  All of the energy supplements, health supplements, and performance supplements are vigorously tested by a third party, Informed-Choice.  Informed-Choice even had to open a new warehouse due to the volume of testing they do on Advocare products.  The Advocare supplements are tested for over 220 banned substances and impurities throughout the year.  The reason behind making sure these products are safe is so that everyone can use them.  “We Build Champions.”  How can Advocare build champions without having the best and safest products on the market?  Advocare holds themselves and its distributors to the highest of standards and there are no shortcuts.  Olympic athletes, Pro athletes, College athletes, and my grandfather all use Advocare supplements.  Each has their specific reason for using them.  Athletes can use these products because they are secure in knowing they won’t test positive for anything.  They can focus on the games.  My grandfather also uses the products to stay healthy.

Advocare Supplements are Safe!

Advocare has a Sci/Med board that combines for over 300 years of medical experience.  Some of these doctors include: Dr. Stanley Dudrick, who is the godfather of intravenous feeding (feeding nutrition through a tube to those who can’t do it themselves.)  Dr. William Kraemer, Dr. Leanne Redman, Dr. Sidney Stohs and others.  These are just a few who formulate our products and use them themselves.  Feel free to Google them and I encourage you to do so, they are pretty incredible people.  They each put their legacies on the line and say these Advocare supplements are safe, and they do what they say they are going to do.

I have been using the Advocare energy supplements, health supplements and performance supplements for over a year now.  During the course of the last 4 months, I was training for my first power lifting competition.  I was able to add 100 pounds to each of my lifts which include: squat, dead-lift, and bench.  The products do exactly what they say they are going to do.  My recovery time is amazing and allows me to hit the gym hard the next day.  More importantly, the power lifting competition was put on by NASA.  NASA is a drug free organization and do not tolerate any such behavior or products.   When I arrived at the competition, I knew one thing was certain; I was not going to test positive for anything that would disqualify me.

Advocare Supplements are safe products

165 Weight Class taking home 1st place lifting at NASA

I encourage you to check out this site to look up the SCI/MED board, the non-paid endorsers, and the ingredients of all the products.