Advocare’s National Success School is Worth it!

Advocare’s National Success School is Worth it!

What an Amazing weekend! I know so many people sacrificed and put their lives on hold for the weekend to all be together at AT&T Stadium for Advocare’s National Success School. I am proud of you all. I know it’s the easier path to say I don’t have a baby sitter, or I cant afford it, or whatever reason got in your way. It takes sacrifices to change your future. If you want things to change, you have to change it, and it starts with your mindset. I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have made the changes in my life to make me a better person, without the yes of coworker/friend. Thank you Casey Schomaker. Advocare’s motto is Be A Champion. This company is soo much more than energy, health, and nutritional supplements. It’s about financial freedom that generates from working this as a side business and can help you be debt free, pay bills, save for vacations, take care of kids, and so much more. It’s about what you need it to be about. It’s also about time freedom. Those who absolutely love their job or career, but love their kids more. Maybe it’s not the money, maybe it’s about you working 60-80 hours and never seeing your family. Being at my second national success school, I have seen so many lives changed and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this company. Living life by my own design, building my own empire, and never stop dreaming. You can have what you desire, are you willing to work for it?


Training at Advocare’s National Success School

When you walk into the AT&T Stadium and feel the energy that Advocare puts out, it’s breath taking.  Just seeing the 20,000 distributors, hearing the band, and talking with friends who also made it to the success school puts you in a whole different mind set.  Now, once your seated, let the show begin.  They bring out the fire works, cheerleaders, Endorsers, and get you all hyped up for the weekend.  Even being my second National Success School, I was still fired up in my chair and I new what was coming.  Training at Advocare’s National Success School is some of the best training you can receive about the products, the company and about leadership.  The doctors are there talking about the formulation of the products and how they work together.  There are multiple success stories about products and income.  They have the top distributors in the company teaching us how to get the products into the market place, and to be the best Advisor’s we can be.  They show and teach us the tools we need to get the message into people’s hearts without “fire hosing” our friends and family.   Advocare does not hold back and this success school is worth it.  If you want to excel with speed in this business, you have to get to Advocare’s National Success School.

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