About Us and the Opportunity

A little bit about us and the opportunity

Welcome!  Our names are Shane and Stacie.  I, Shane, am an Advocare Independent Distributor.  I will share what both the Advocare Products and the business opportunity have done for me physically and my debt situation.  I am 29 years old and currently reside in Tucson, Arizona.  I once lived (for 28 years) a very toxic lifestyle.  Let’s just say having fun and partying has it’s downfalls.  I came to a realization last year that I needed to change my path to better my future.  Along with constantly being tired, I wasn’t willing to do much other than play xbox.  There was also a kick in my rear when my current employer (the Government) told us they were going to hold our checks and cut hours.  After taking a look at my finances and seeing how long I could provide basic needs for both Stacie and I; I quickly came to a second realization, I need more money and a plan of what to do with it.  That lead me to look for a secondary income.  I searched for ways to make money and eventually looked at real estate, but I was still unhappy with myself.  While pursuing real estate, I had a bombshell of an Opportunity land in my hand that would help me in many aspects of my life.  This bombshell was going improve my nutrition, get my energy above cloud nine, encourage me to start exercising regularly, bring in a secondary income and help me grow as a person.  This bombshell has a name and it’s called Advocare!

Stacie is 27 years old and is greatly known as my better half.  She is a Therapeutic Home Specialist for children in the foster care system.  I know what your thinking; yes it is both mentally and physically draining.  She has the biggest heart, the biggest smile, and a personality that makes you want to be best friends.  When Advocare found us, Stacie was interested in completing our first 24 day challenge with the ambition of losing a few pounds.  During the 24 Day Challenge, she lost 8 pounds and was both excited and upset that she lost 2 pants sizes.  She now had nothing to wear and no money to go shopping with (Social worker salary, remember!) But, discovering that sharing her story with friends got them interested, she began to earn some money, now she can afford some clothes. whew!

All the numbers are great and we feel amazing everyday, but what is most important is what the people of Advocare have done for us.  We have made some amazing friends and mentors that have shown that people really do care.  My relationships with Stacie, family, and friends has never been better.  My finances are becoming under control and I have a system in place to pay off debt and to start investing. There is something to be said about always being positive and surrounding yourself with positivity.  The Advocare slogan, if you will, is ‘We Build Champions.’  That is exactly what we are striving to be and we want to bring you along with us!! For more information you can visit this link.

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